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Akida Group was established in 1988 by Dr. Abdunnaser Akak who is also the current chairman of Akida Group and all of its business arms. The company has grown from strength to strength to become one of Libya’s largest private organizations. 


Akida currently employs around 700 people and serves more than 1,000.000 customers through its state of the art facilities located throughout Libya. This has enabled Akida to generate revenues in excess of 200 Million LYD by the end of 2010 resulting in a growth of 21% approximately to its previous years. Since its inception in 1988 Akida has entered in to successful partnerships with various organizations based in different parts of the world and managed to establish a number of private entities while ensuring quality and standards are being met and maintained. This has become a benchmark for many firms, and enabled Akida to get recognition from international certifiers. 

The aims and objectives of Akida reflect on its commitment not only to the community it serves in but the entire business community its partners, suppliers and every single enterprise and individual Akida works with. As a responsible organization, Akida aims to ensure the well being of all parties which is at the heart of its goals while striving for continuous growth in order to become a strong and sustainable enterprise which is capable of dealing with the pressures of modern cut throat market environment through strategies designed to help everyone working with and for Akida. Akida aims to build on its reputation as being one of the fastest growing private organizations in Libya through strategic positioning of its products and effective use of its potent resources allowing Akida to achieve maximum profitability. In line with its vision to build a better Libya, Akida is proud to own up the responsibility for further development by getting recognition in international business sector for a better future. 

Due to the presence of highly motivated and creative management team at Akida, the company is continuously looking for growth by entering a variety of industries and sectors in search of interesting and exciting business opportunities. Akida Group follows a strategy of targeting high-growth sectors that offer attractive prospects for the future. Through careful planning and meticulous execution, the company is diligent yet aggressive in its ventures and follows a tried-and-tested approach to building a business and creating an enviable market position.  Over the years we have entered several sectors, succeeding in each

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